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John Calvin (1509-1564)John Calvin (1509-1564)

The Reformation Heritage Conference exists to encourage the Church to remember her past, in particular, the rich heritage of the Protestant Reformation and post-Reformation eras (1500-1700). Annually, the conference seeks to draw world class scholars who can properly lead listeners to a fuller understanding of the history and theology of this dynamic period. Our prayer is that individuals who attend the RHC will be challenged to think more biblically as they consider the lives, teaching, and ministries of the Protestant Reformers.

The History of the RHC

Reformation Heritage Conference Archives (MP3s)

2004 RHC:  Calvin, Geneva, & Reformed Worship with Dr. Derek Thomas

2005 RHC:  American Reformation Heritage with Dr. Darryl G. Hart

2006 RHC:  The Scottish Reformation with Rev. Iain Murray

2007 RHC:  The German Reformation with Dr. Carl Trueman

2008 RHC: The Reformation & the Means of Grace with Dr. Michael Horton

2009 RHC: Music, Singing, & the Reformation with Dr. Paul Jones

2010 RHC: The Dutch Reformations with Dr. Joel R. Beeke

Reformation Heritage Conference 2011

The English Reformation with Dr. Carl Trueman 

Dates: October 28-30

Education / Background: M.A., St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge, 1988; Ph.D., University of Aberdeen, 1991; Tutorial Assistant in Church History, University of Aberdeen, 1991–1993; Lecturer in Theology, University of Nottingham, 1993–1998; Senior Lecturer in Church History, University of Aberdeen, 1998–2001; Editor, Themelios, 1998–2007; Council member, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, 2004– ; Westminster, 2001– .

Author: Luther’s Legacy: Salvation and English Reformers, 1525–1556; The Claims of Truth: John Owen’s Trinitarian Theology; Reformation: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow; The Wages of Spin: Critical Writings on Historic and Contemporary Evangelicalism; John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man.

October 30

Grace Overflowing

1 Timothy 1:12-16October 30, 2011Dr. Carl Trueman

It's Not About Guidance

Judges 6:28-40October 30, 2011Dr. Carl Trueman

Sunday School:

The English Reformation - The Westminster Assembly

October 30, 2011Dr. Carl Trueman

October 29 - Reformation Heritage Conference

The English Reformation - William Tyndale, God's Outlaw

October 29, 2011Dr. Carl Trueman

The English Reformation - Thomas Cramner, Unlikely Hero

October 29, 2011Dr. Carl Trueman

October 28 - Reformation Heritage Conference

The English Reformation - Kings, Queens, & Reformation

October 28, 2011Dr. Carl Trueman